Findhorn District Salmon Fishery Board Conservation Code 2024

In view of the current scarcity of Atlantic Salmon in our Scottish rivers, the Board would encourage anglers to release as many fish as possible. The conservation code below is an absolute minimum that should be achieved.

RELEASE: Up to and including the 14th May, anglers must release:
All Salmon and Grilse
Are encouraged to release all Sea Trout and Finnock

If an angler catches a fish that they feel is likely not to survive, then the angler can retain it, but they must report immediately to the estate, the head bailiff, Sean McLean 07920 483081, or the FNLRT, Bob Laughton 07887 535986, who will decide what to do with the fish.

This course of action also applies to all fish which would normally be returned throughout the season under the FDSFB Conservation Code.

RELEASE: From 15th May:
All salmon over 9lbs / 28inches (4kg / 72cm)
All Sea Trout over 4lbs / 21inches (1.8kg / 55cm)
All coloured, stale and gravid salmon/grilse/sea trout
As many female hen salmon/grilse/sea trout as possible

RELEASE RATE: Anglers are asked to achieve a minimum of:
75% of all salmon and grilse caught from the 15th May
75% of all sea trout and finnock caught from the 11th February

KEEP RATE Guidance only as Release Rate above should take priority:
A maximum of 1 salmon (under 9lbs) or 2 grilse per rod per 6 days


Before 1st May fly fishing is encouraged
Most beats are fly only all season. From 1st May it is mandatory
Pinched or barbless hooks are recommended
Avoid using triple hooks

Lethen Note

You may be aware of the Conservation Measures to Control the Killing of Wild Salmon regulations ( introduced by Scottish Government. The River Findhorn has been classified as a Grade 1 river indicating that “Exploitation is sustainable and therefore no additional management action is currently required”.   This recognises the effectiveness of current measures (The FDFSB Conservation Code) while reinforcing the need to make sure that it is observed to maintain our status in the future. We will notify you if this status changes and if further conservation measures are required by the Scottish Government.

Rob Hoskin, Estate Office, Lethen, Nairn, Scotland IV12 5PR Tel: 01667 452247 Email: