Daltra Beat

The river emerges from the steep Altnahara gorge into the more open vistas of the Daltra Beat.   This beat offers a very wide variety of fishing from high water levels downwards, perhaps really coming into its best on a falling river to a medium height.  Vehicle (4WD is best) access is to groups of pools.   Again the scenery is magnificent with some fine old conifers within the extensive areas of native broadleaves.   The weekly team of two rods fishes this beat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   From the Daltra Pool to the Sand Pool there should be no opposition from the Glenferness bank.   The combination of the Altnahara Beat with the Daltra Beat ensures that so long as the river is in a fishable condition there are always excellent angling opportunities in a number of pools up and down the beats.


Pool by Pool Guide to the Daltra Beat
DALTRA (Mini Daltra Laird’s to Loop only)
LAIRD'S A classic pool in medium & low water.  The tail and the gutter below it are productive under similar water conditions.

A pool of 3 parts. The throat and stream close into the left bank fish well in medium to low water. The middle section, out from the car park, is good in high water.  The tail comes in when falling from high to medium.  Some wading is required.


The throat keeps changing, but can be productive in low water.  Try a dibble.  The tail works well in high water.


The throats are an enigma to many but off the rock bump a short line can bring a surprise or two.  In high/medium water the tail can be very productive.  Start half way down along the steep bank.


Only fish at a medium height.  To an experienced rod the runs are fairly obvious.  If you are not confident move on.


A very productive throat in low water.  For medium water it will fish below the little waterfall down to the first overhanging tree on the right bank.  For high water the tail, round the corner, is a great place.  You will need to wade as it is a long cast to cover the water.


Another classic pool.  Good throat.  Fish it carefully and cover the width of the stream.  A difficult bit off the bed rock half way down but worth a go until the swirls make it even more difficult.  The tail will fish in high water - but there are probably easier tails elsewhere.


Not a big catching pool but in high water can produce fish before it tumbles into the fast run down to the Whin Pool. Fish it from the rock outcrop. In medium water this run can often hold a grilse or two.


Not a very productive throat but give it a go.  The middle section is best forgotten about.  In high water the tail is highly rated. Start at the rock outcrop with a short line & gradually lengthen it and fish right down into the ‘V’.

BIRTHDAY STREAM Medium to low water. Well worth a cast or two.  Good resting place for grilse.

A prime pool.  Good throat in low water but in medium water the middle section fishes very well.  The tail can be good but  sometimes fills up with stones, but they often get washed away in a big spate.


Mainly a low water pool, but in medium water the bottom half is the place to be.  Be careful not to spook fish.

SAND POOL Not a big scorer but as you have gone down that far you may as well have a go as it can produce a surprise or two.


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