General Fishing Information


Fly only has been the rule for a number of years now. In very low water during the summer months the use of sinking tips should be avoided, so please use a plane floating line.


Only two rods may fish on the Daltra and Altnahara Beats.  Beats change at midnight.

Up to three rods may fish on the Dunearn Beat, but no more than two of these rods are allowed below Dulsie Bridge on the left bank. Please note nobody is allowed to fish on the right bank below the bridge. The Kennel and Garden Pools are shared with Glenferness. Fish only one of these pools at a time (up to 2 rods). This ensures there will always be one free pool to fish from either side.


Cutting-in above or below on a pool being fished from the Glenferness bank is strictly forbidden.  The best thing to do is to leapfrog up or down a couple of pools and avoid any conflict.  Alternatively make contact with them to mutually agree anything else.

Avoid lengthy or repeated fishing of the same pool; the other side could get frustrated if they don’t get a chance.  A pool should be fished no more than twice before moving on.

Fishing by the clock (or by radio) is strictly forbidden.  This is when people agree to change over rods at a pre-arranged time.  It can give the impression to someone on the opposite bank that more than the permitted number of rods are fishing the beat.  This leads to complaints being made and a lot of bother sorting them out.

The way to avoid this is for you to remain in two groups (where 2 rods are permitted) and not spread your party over the beat.

When might you see rods on the Glenferness bank?

Dunearn Beat.  Kennel or Garden pools.

Altnahara Beat. Top to bottom (Princess to Lower Sawpit).

Daltra Beat.  Lairds to Loop inclusive.

NB Nobody from the Glenferness bank should be fishing from the Daltra Pool down to the Sand Pool on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.  If there is anybody out check that you yourself are out on the correct day before challenging them.  Lethen days for the full Daltra Beat are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

You may see people near the White Stream on their way to the beat below the Sand Pool and they may also be seen picnicking at this spot.  They should cause you no bother at all.

There may be instances during warm weather when people from Glenferness are bathing in the lower part of the Garden Pool.  Their preferred bathing place is the Kennel Pool and we have come to an arrangement with them that they will contact us first to see if our fishing tenant is agreeable or not to them bathing there.


Catch and release is a very skilful operation.  Please see separate instructions and observe the guidelines. A diseased fish should be left in the water and not interfered with in any way.  It forms part of the natural food chain in the river system.

VEHICLE ACCESS TO BEATS (refer to Vehicle Access Maps in Lodge and Cottage)

Dunearn :

Right Bank Above Bridge:

-  Car parking by Dulsie Cottage/Lady Mary’s

-  4WD vehicle only access to Gaffers.  Not suitable for saloon cars.

Left Bank Above Bridge:

-  Vehicle access to Morgan’s Haugh from Drynachan Road is limited to 2 vehicles. 4WD advised.

Left Bank Below Bridge:

-  Vehicle access to March Stream is limited to 2 vehicles. 4WD advised.

-  There is now an enclosure at the March Stream for 2 vehicles to prevent cattle damage.

Altnahara :

-  Car parking main road only.

Daltra :                

-  Access from locked gate on main road down to farm fields.

-  Island Pool access through second gate, 4WD vehicles only recommended.

-  When crossing fields please stick to tracks.


Dogs must be kept under strict control (see separate notice).

No fires are to be lit.

No litter to be left lying about.

Make sure you send in the Fishing Return promptly.

Arrival and departure times for Dulsie Cottage and Dunearn Lodge must be strictly adhered to and it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure they are left clean and tidy.


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