Dunearn Beat

The Dunearn Beat is the top beat of the Lethen water and offers the angler every type of pool and stream in the Findhorn book.   The beat provides most fishing for the three rods when running at a medium to high level but in contrast in low water conditions the rocky falls pools just above Dulsie Bridge come into their own along with other white water throats and runs.   The fishing rights on both banks are retained except for the two pools (Kennel and Garden) at the bottom of the beat which are shared with Glenferness Estate.   Whilst most pools above The Falls at Dulsie Bridge can be fished from either bank the pools below the bridge are fished from the left bank only.   This is because of the severely rough terrain on the right bank makes access virtually impossible.   The beat runs past birch woodlands perched on the steep banks between open areas of farmland. Vehicle access to groups of pools is the norm.   4WD is advised.

Pool by Pool Guide to Dunearn Beat

Fish this very productive pool in medium to low water heights from right bank only.  Start at the very top in low water.  A good taking place is just off big boulder on the left bank in most heights, but there are many other lies in the pool below that well down by the overhanging trees.


Best from the left bank for the top part and down at the tail by the riffle.  Good throat formed in 2003. Bottom end good in higher water but can hold fish in medium water especially in and around big boulders before run into Bridge Pool.


Fish from left bank.  An enigma.  Make your own arrangements and pass on.  Looks good in low water but difficult to get into position without spooking the fish.


Left Bank for throat in low water but this is secondary water.  For the tail in high water (one of the best) fish from either side but the left bank is best.  Be careful wading on rough rock ledge.  Make sure the fly gets into the V in the tail.  Best to study the tail area and rock ledge in low water.


Fish from right bank just above Haugh Stream. Bertha ’14 has made this a good medium water pool.


Best from left bank.  Good in medium to high water.  Fish on down towards Lady Mary's until you feel it is going off.  It will also fish from right bank after you have fished Barclay’s Bank.


Throat streams from either bank are good in low to medium water.  Excellent high water tail best from right bank.  Start at the high promontory and let the fly come close into the bank with an inward mend of the line.  The very tail is often good in medium water.


Either bank but right bank is perhaps best except for tricky wading amongst the boulders.  Fish it all the way down to where stream divides.

UPPER FALLS Prime low water pool.  Care needed so as not to spook fish.  Right bank only.

Low water pool but not as good as it used to be.  Care needed so as not to spook fish.  Right bank only.


Low water pool.  Worth a dibble but make your own arrangements.  Right bank only.


Keeps changing but can be very productive.  Left bank for all pools below the bridge.


A continuation of Nettle Hole but start at the small green promontory.  Very good tail in high water.  A long cast best done from rock outcrop at water level rather than the high bank.


A superb pool and particularly so in medium water. 


Bertha ’14 had improved this pool but it keeps changing.  Always worth a cast but make your own arrangements.  Some potential in high water.


Good all rounder for all heights of water.  Read the water and go where it looks the best.  Good tail in high water.  Go carefully on big rocks.  Top part above the rails is very good in medium water and a good throat in low water.

HITCH STREAM Just below tail of March Stream.  Fish in medium to low water.  Again be careful on the rocks.

Four parts.  Top with 2 boulders in the middle good in medium water.  2nd part is the run into the deep swirl good in low water.  3rd part is the glide below deep swirl.  Excellent in medium to high water.  4th part is the very tail with big boulder - anytime except very high water.


The run into Garden fishes well in medium/low water from the Kennel down to opposite the promontory on the opposite bank.  Tail good in high water but better tails nearer at hand elsewhere.


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