Loch Belivat 2017 Report

Sunday, 01 October 2017

Loch Belivat 2017 Report

Trout caught:

Average catch per outing:

Average kept per outing:

Average weight of kept:

Trout released:






Largest fish caught:

2 lbs 7 oz (kept)

    D. Logie

 Best bags:




Kept Weight


D Logie

 8th April (Day)


5¼ lbs 


A Chisholm

26th August (Day)




 Results by month: 




Average Weight




1½ lbs




2½ lbs




2 lbs








1½ lbs




2 lbs

2018 Season opens on Sunday 1st April

Charge per session (boat & 2 rods) £30.00

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2 August Weekly Report
The week started well on Monday on Daltra for Roger Dowling and Joe Greener. The river was at a medium and dropping and Roger scored with a 4lb grilse from Daltra and at ...
26 July Weekly Report
The week started with high temperatures and very low river levels. Late on Tuesday morning on Dunearn Stephen Habershon landed a 6lb salmon from Lady Mary's on a hitc...
19 July Weekly Report
There were very tough conditions at the start of the week with high temperatures and very low water. Despite this Frank Kennedy and Colin Apperley, fishing the Dunearn Be...
18 July Loch Belivat update
Loch Belivat is open subject to certain COVID restrictions. We now only offer the boat for one session per day, rather than day and evening sessions. If you are sha...
12 July Weekly Report
There were more thundery downpours over the weekend and on Monday the river was very high and heavily peat stained. On Dunearn Quentin Ballantyne opened the scoring with ...
5 July Weekly Report
Jason McCruden was on Altnahara on Monday and spent the day getting wound up by large fresh fish, chasing the fly but not taking. At lunchtime he managed a 4lb grilse fro...
28 June Weekly Report
On Monday evening Chris Mills started the week with an 11lb fish on a black & silver fly from the Daltra pool on the Daltra beat that was safely released. Jason McCru...
27 June Coronavirus Regulations For The Season
Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's Strategic Framework update - June 2021 The updated Strategic Framework sets out how the Scottish Governments COVID-19 response s...
21 June Weekly Report
The river conditions have been tough all week with high temperatures, bright skies and extremely low water. The positive news is that all the beats have reported seeing a...
14 June Weekly Report
Late afternoon on Tuesday on the Dunearn beat John McDowall opened the scoring for the week when he caught and released a 14lb cock fish in Upper Falls on a very lurid or...
7 June Weekly Report
Jason McCruden was out on Altnahara on Monday with a new low water fly tied on a size 14 double hook he designed over the weekend. It worked well with a 14lber in Marker ...
31 May Weekly Report
A much warmer start to the week. On Monday morning on Daltra Michael Winterton had a fresh 13lb fish from White stream that was safely returned. Then later on Dunearn Mik...
24 May Weekly Report
It was a dificult start to the week as heavy overnight rain meant the river was unfishable at times. By Wednesday the river had started to settle down. On the Dunearn Bea...
17 May Weekly Report
There was a positive start to week with fish caught on all three beats. On Dunearn James Verney opened the scoring with a 7lbs fish in Nettle Hole and then John Edge land...
10 May Weekly Report
It was a challenging start to the week with a sharp rise overnight on Sunday. It dropped off very slowly and the Rhino was covered for some time. Tuesday morning on Du...
3 May Weekly Report
On Monday, Jason McCruden landed a 10lb springer from Upper Sawpit on Altnahara, using a 10ft sink 6 line and small brass tube. Iain McLaren also scored on Daltra on Mond...
26 April Weekly Report - First Fish
Gerry O'Neill caught our first fish of the season with his third cast of the morning. A 12 lber on a monkey from Dalnashaugh on the Daltra Beat. On Wednesday Jack ...
29 January 2021 Fishing Season
We ended the 2020 season with a total catch of 174 compared to the 2019 catch of 183. However when you consider the fishing effort was reduced by over 60% and the catch w...
3 July Covid-19 Fishing Latest
The Scottish Government confirmed travel restrictions for fishing have been relaxed from 3rd July. Self-catering accommodation can also reopen from this date if guidel...
20 May Findhorn Fishery Board Annual Report 2019
The Findhorn DSFB Annual Report for 2019 is now available to download from the website
1 April Adrian Ormerod
We very much regret to report the death of Adrian Ormerod who died of declining health on 26th March 2020 aged 88. Adrian originated from Lancashire and first visited ...
22 March Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
We have been giving the 2020 fishing season a lot of thought the last couple of weeks. This weekend it has become clear that the only sensible way forward is to cancel...
11 February Opening Day on the Findhorn
There was a great turnout for the opening of the River Findhorn despite the freezing wind. George Lily opened the river to the sound of the pipes and hot stovies were enj...
23 January Findhorn Nairn Lossie Fundraising Auction
Findhorn Nairn Lossie Fundraising Auction. The Auction is live for bidding until the 29th February 2020 at www.findhornnairnlossieauction.org.uk   Choose from ...
14 January Putting Wild Salmon First
The Atlantic Salmon Trust was founded in 1967 in response to growing concerns about over exploitation of wild salmon. Since then they have acquired a reputation as an inf...
23 September Weekly Report
Very low water and warm temperatures made for difficult conditions at the start of the week. Fish were seen in a lot of pools but most were resident and proved difficult ...
16 September Weekly Report
On Monday on the Dunearn Beat few fish were showing but in the morning a fish was lost at the bottom of the Kennel and in the evening Julia Trotter landed a 4lb fish in t...
9 September Weekly Report
The O'Neill party, fishing our Daltra beat, got the week off to a good start with 2 salmon on Monday, both of which were released. First at around 10.30am Andrew O&rs...
2 September Weekly Report
Michael O’Neill reported that to his astonishment he caught and released a 14lb salmon on a size 8 tyne toucan fly in the Island pool on Daltra beat within 15 minut...
26 August Weekly Report
It was a quiet start to the week. The Hardinge party fishing the Daltra/Altnahara beat reported seeing plenty of fish running through on Monday but frustratingly not keen...
19 August Weekly Report
The Dunearn beat reported a good start to the week with 4 fish on Monday.  Richard Brown had a 9lb salmon in Gaffers followed by a 5lb grilse in Garden. Tom Blain al...
12 August Weekly Report
Colin Apperley and Frank Kennedy, fishing the Daltra Beat, got the week off to a great early start on Monday morning with 3 fish before 8.30am. Colin had a grilse of over...
5 August Weekly Report
On the Dunearn Beat on Monday Marc Corbett caught and released his first salmon, a 7lber on a size 12 cascade in Gaffers. The water level was low for the first two days o...
29 July Weekly Report
Dunearn caught their 1st fish of the week on Tuesday morning when Lucy James landed a 4 lbs grilse in the Middle Falls which was ably netted by her father John Jones. On ...
22 July Weekly Report
The extremely high temperatures meant it was a difficult and frustrating week. There were reports of good numbers of fish showing in many pools, including some fresh ones...
15 July Weekly Report
Steve Hunt got things off to a good start on the Dunearn Beat on Monday morning at 9am when he hooked two fish in the Haugh Stream although only one was landed, a 7 pound...
8 July Weekly Report
Mark Maitland-Jones had a good start to the week on Daltra with a couple of grilse, 3lbs from White Stream and 2lbs from Daltra, both on a micro tube. Andy Torrance follo...
1 July Weekly Report
Conditions improved at the start of the week with cooler temperatures and occasional showers. On Monday Peter Horsburgh caught and released a big fish estimated at around...
24 June Weekly Report
Irving Warnett got the week off to a great start on the Dunearn Beat on Monday. In the morning he had a 9lb fish in Gaffers and this was followed in the afternoon with an...
17 June Weekly Report
The river was in fine condition at the start of the week and both beats had success on Monday. John McDowall had an 11lb fish from the Green Bank on Dunearn and Alastair ...
10 June Weekly Report
The river had settled down nicely for the start of the week. Paul Kelly was out on Daltra on Monday with Jack Christison and all the action was in the morning. Jack had a...
3 June Weekly Report
The Dunearn Beat opened the scoring on Tuesday. Mike Winters landed two fish of 9lb & 10lbs on a 1" tube from the Haugh Stream, and Tony Rushton had an 8lber on ...
27 May Weekly Report
On Monday Eddie Kuczynski opened the scoring on the Daltra Beat with an 11lb fish on a Monroe tube  safely released from Jean's Cast. On Tuesday morning there...
20 May Weekly Report
On the Dunearn Beat on Monday Patrick Scott caught a fish of 10lbs in Morgan’s Haugh at 10.40am on a size 9 orange cascade.  He was under the expert guidance o...
13 May Weekly Report
Jason McCruden was out first thing on Monday morning and he got us off the mark with a nice fish of 11lb from the Black pool. He also reported fish showing in the English...
6 May Weekly Report
Glyn Phillips was out on Daltra on Monday evening and at around 7.45pm he landed a 10lb fish from Dalnashaugh on a small junction shrimp. Dave Carson was out earlier in t...
29 April Weekly Report
Jason McCruden was out for a few hours early in the morning on Monday. The air temperature had dropped to a cool 4˚C and the river was steaming. A few fish had a look at ...
22 April Weekly Report
Jason McCruden on an evening visit to the Altnahara beat on Monday 22nd April lost a big fish at the net in the Black pool but 5 minutes later he hooked and released a go...
17 April First Fish
Adrian Ormerod has caught our first fish of the 2019 season on Wednesday 17th April at 3pm in the afternoon. He was on the Dunearn beat and fishing the top part of Morgan...
19 March Findhorn Annual Report
The 2018 Findhorn Annual Report is now available at 2018 Findhorn Annual Report.pdf The following link may be of interest and it gives an underwater view of the fish b...
11 February Opening Day on Findhorn
Good weather and fine river levels greeted the Forres Angling Association for the opening ceremony on the Monday 11th February at the Stoney Pool. Association Presid...
29 November End Of Season
At the Findhorn District Salmon Fishery Board meeting on Monday 26th November we discussed the 2018 catch results and we were pleasantly surprised to see that overall cat...
11 October The Atlantic Salmon Trust - The Missing Salmon Project
It’s time to solve the mystery of our missing salmon For the last 60 million years the Atlantic salmon has been making one of the planets greatest natural migrat...
24 September Weekly Report
On Monday Mike Burrell was on the Dunearn Beat and he landed a 4lb coloured grilse in Lady Mary's. He also reported that they managed to raise quite a few other fish,...
17 September Weekly Report
A very promising start to the week for Frank Kennedy & Colin Apperley, fishing the Daltra Beat, who reported their catch for Monday was 4 fish, all safely released. 2...
10 September Weekly Report
On Monday just before lunch there was a sharp rise of 2 feet or so that left the river high and dirty for the rest of the day. Things were still settling down on Tuesday ...
3 September Weekly Report
The river conditions were difficult at the start of the week with the water very low and clear. Fish were still being seen but were difficult to tempt. There was little t...
27 August Weekly Report
The river rose 5" on Saturday and dropped off on Sunday only to then rise 6" on Monday morning and this seemed to freshen things up nicely for Dave Carson and B...
20 August Weekly Report
Jos Simpson, fishing the Daltra Beat, got the week off to a good start when he caught and safely released a 5lb salmon in Dalnashaugh on a riffled hitch on Monday. T...
13 August Weekly Report
A cooler and wetter start to the week. There was a very river slight rise on Tuesday and Stuart Fell had success  when a 4lb grilse took a fast moving size 14 cascad...
6 August Weekly Report
On Monday there was a promising start to the week for the Springham party on the Daltra/Altnahara Beat with 2 grilse caught and safely released.  The first was a 5 p...
30 July Weekly Report
At the end of the previous week large numbers of fish were reported in the Association water waiting to run.  The rain on Saturday lead to a 5" rise early Sunda...
23 July Weekly Report
There was a slight rise in river levels at the start of week, but conditions remained challenging with high temperatures and river dropping back quickly to very low. O...
16 July Weekly Report
Fishing conditions remained challenging during the week with river levels still very low.  However, on Monday Mike Goold fishing the Daltra Beat caught a 3.5lb grils...
9 July Weekly Report
There was a cooler start to the week with cloudy skies and drizzle. The river only rose an inch or so but it did  slightly improve the conditions and the Maitland-Jo...
2 July Weekly Report
The prolonged spell of hot weather continued into the week with low water and difficult fishing conditions which, unfortunately, led to our first blank week of the season...
25 June Weekly Report
Despite the continued low water and difficult conditions there was a positive start to the week for Bill Thompson on Dunearn when early on Monday morning he landed his fi...
18 June Weekly Report
The  week started positively on the Dunearn Beat on Monday when Gillies Moffat landed a nice 16lb hen fish in Morgan's Haugh on size 10 Holo Cascade. There was a...
11 June Weekly Report
Nothing to report at the start of the week. We did however receive a positive report from Paul Kelly who was fishing the Altnahara Beat which makes for rather nice and ev...
4 June Weekly Report
There were no catches to report at the start of the week, however, Sean McLean, the Bailiff witnessed 40-50 fresh salmon and grilse run up through Broom on the Forres Ass...
28 May Weekly Report
On Monday evening on the Altnahara Beat Marc MacMillan caught and released a lovely 8lb salmon in the head of Englishman’s on a small silver stoat. Unfortunately th...
21 May Weekly Report
The week started off with some much needed rain through Monday and into Tuesday morning and refreshing drop in temperature. The rise in river level was marginal but enoug...
14 May Weekly Report
Tuesday 15th May Dunearn Beat : Edward Keyser caught a 4.5 lb salmon from the March Stream at midday on a black/silver no dressing very small fly. Also reported they are&...
7 May Weekly Report
After another slow start to the week we had 2 fish to report for Wednesday. On the Dunearn Beat Vanessa Tully caught her first fish, an 8 pounder, in the tail of Morga...
30 April Weekly Report
A slow start to the week but on Wednesday things picked up on Daltra. Dalnashaugh was the lucky spot late morning with first Colin McDowall landing a 13lber to be followe...
23 April Weekly Report
On Monday the first fish of the 2018 season was caught by Iain McLaren who was out on Daltra and just before lunchtime he netted a 10 pounder in the tail of the Sand pool...
16 April FNLFT Online Auction
Please see below details and link for the above auction:   The Findhorn Nairn & Lossie Fisheries Trust Fundraising Auction is now live.  The...
2 October 2017 Report
Report on the 2017 Fishing Season at Lethen The season got off to an encouraging start in April with the first fish being caught on the 4th by Adrian Ormerod. The tota...
1 October Loch Belivat 2017 Report
Loch Belivat 2017 Report Trout caught: Average catch per outing: Average kept per outing: Average weight of kept: Trout releas...

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